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Our team consists of highly qualified and professional translators. Translation experience gained over the years and knowledge in various fields enable us to provide you with wide range of translation services in a good quality. By delegating translation to us you choose precision, quality, and speed!


We will translate documents and other texts of any field into the language that you require. We provide translations in Latvian, Russian, English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Danish, Bulgarian, Croatian, Lithuanian, Estonian, Chinese, Japanese, Turkish, Moldavian, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, and other languages, as well as in Hebrew.

We will maintain the layout of the document you submitted for translation, that is, the initial formatting, pictures, diagrams and tables will be preserved.


Depending on the language and amount of the text, we will translate your text within hours or a day. An order is considered as urgent if there are 13 or more pages to translate per day.


For your convenience we offer translations with notarial certification. This is a common practice when it comes to education, travelling, and legal matters. Please note that we will need the original document to provide you a notarial certification.


We offer consecutive interpretation – a periodic interpretation of a speech (the speaker makes pauses to allow interpretation). This kind of interpretation is ideal for business meetings and negotiations with foreign business partners, seminars and many other social events.


We offer editing and proofreading services for translated texts – correction of punctuation and spelling mistakes as well as verification and precision of the terminology of the respective field. The text is edited/proofread by a specialist who is a native speaker of the respective language. If necessary, we will provide you editing and proofreading services to texts that already have been translated and require an additional verification. This service is offered for translations in the Latvian, Russian, and English language only.


We will help you quickly lay out documents in accordance with the requirements. If necessary, we will format the titles, create and insert graphical pictures and tables in your MS Office documents.


We will help you draft and translate a CV in the language you require. All you will have to do is sign the CV and send it to the addressee.


We will translate the webpage of your company in a professional manner by adjusting the information to the culture, mentality, and language specified. You may rest assured that we will carry out our job so that the first impression of your company is a positive one!

DOCUMENT authentication

Should a document issued abroad have to be utilized in Latvia or a document issued in Latvia has to be presented abroad, we will arrange for it to be authenticated, that is, legalized. Document legalization is authentication of a signature and stamp carried out by a consular official, so that documents drawn in one state obtain legal force into another state. Document legalization is not a notarial operation.

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